Project SH Character, Redone

Jeff zugale sh char redo 201806 final crop

Final Rendering

Jeff zugale sh char redo line

Super-tight pencil line art

Jeff zugale character fullrender 01

Previous version render with material references

Jeff zugale arm backpack turnaround 1


Jeff zugale arm backpack step2 01

Backpack with Arm, Sketch In Place

Jeff zugale arm backpack orthos 2

Arm Design Detail

Jeff zugale arm backpack orthos 1

Backpack Design Detail

Jeff zugale arm design 01

Arm Design First Pass

Jeff zugale sword design 02

Extensible Sword ideas

Jeff zugale sword hilt design 01

Sword hilt design ideas

Jeff zugale sword design 03

Sword Assembly Details

Jeff zugale sword hilt design 02 color wip2

Final Sword Hilt

Jeff zugale tracking device 01

Tracking Beacon, thrown at prey

Jeff zugale tracking radar 01

Tracking Radar Device, Hand-held

Project SH Character, Redone

A new version of a previous Fantasy/Magic-Steam character, with a much better rendering and stance. All done in Procreate on iPad Pro, except for layering in and warping the various clothing, leather and armor patterns, which I had to do in Photoshop. Just as I finished, Procreate 4.1 was released, which has *amazing* Warp and Liquefy tools. Sure would have come in handy! Next time...

Her face is taken mostly from Canadian actress Ellen Wong (Misaki Han on Dark Matter), I hope she doesn't mind. This took a long time: slightly more than 64 hours. The first 12 hours were spent on the very tight pencil sketch, which in pipeline I normally wouldn't do - for a realistic production character like this, I'd paint over photos.

I've included the original design drawings for her arm/backpack combo, sword and tracking devices. I really had fun designing them all.