Jeff zugale coverfinalfront

Front Cover with Logo

Jeff zugale coverfinalwrap

Full Wraparound Cover

Jeff zugale smrpg cover comp1 02

Rough Layout

Jeff zugale smrpg cover comp1 03

Step 2

Jeff zugale smrpg4

Step 3

Jeff zugale smrpg5pdlo

Repencil for details

Jeff zugale smrpg6 03

Step 4

Jeff zugale smrpg6 02c

Step 5

Jeff zugale smrpg6 02

Step 6

Planet Mercenary RPG Book Cover

Commissioned for the Schlock Mercenary webcomic-based paper RPG book Kickstartered by Howard Tayler. I did this piece deliberately in a retro style like the old D&D books. Took forever, but so much fun.