"9" Game (Cancelled) Character Designs

Jeff zugale betty upgrade final

"Beetle Betty" - drills into ground, fires grenade upwards

Jeff zugale betty sketches 02

Betty iterations

Jeff zugale betty bombs

Possible grenade ideas - went with the electro-bomb

Jeff zugale hammer hatchets color idea

"Hatchet" character and material reference

Jeff zugale hammer hatchets callouts

Hatchet design & material callouts

Jeff zugale hammer weapons 1

Hatchet weapon ideas

Jeff zugale hammer weapons 2

More Hatchet weapons

Jeff zugale stalker heavy drills

"Stalker" upgrade to the Cat Beast with parts/material callouts

Jeff zugale stalker weapons 2

Choice of Stalker finals

Jeff zugale stalker weapons 1

Stalker weapon iteration

Jeff zugale hammer hex 1

Stalker profile iteration

Jeff zugale stalker skulls 1

Stalker skull iteration; snakes, birds, fish, monkey, ferret

"9" Game (Cancelled) Character Designs

We were pretty far along producing the tie-in game for Shane Acker's film "9" when the publisher went under and pretty much everything fell apart. I had some fun designing these characters that expanded on the world. I used a lot of small machine parts, animal skulls and period textiles.